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J2-3-101 4118-圖書檔案消毒櫃-FLD-38U.jpg

J2-3-101 4118-Book and File Disinfection Cabinet-FLD-38U

J2-3-102 4129-推車式圖書檔案消毒櫃 FLD-950.jpg

J2-3-102 4129-Trolley type book and archive disinfection cabinet FLD-950

J2-3-103 4130-圖書檔案消毒櫃(紫外線+臭氧) FLD-850.jpg

J2-3-103 4130-Book and archive disinfection cabinet (ultraviolet + ozone) FLD-850

J2-3-104 4131-圖書檔案消毒櫃(紫外線+臭氧) FLD-420.jpg

J2-3-104 4131-Book and archive disinfection cabinet (ultraviolet + ozone) FLD-420

J2-3-105 4132-圖書檔案消毒櫃(紫外線+臭氧) FLD-220.jpg

J2-3-105 4132-Book and file disinfection cabinet (ultraviolet + ozone) FLD-220

J2-3-106 4133-玩具消毒櫃(紫外線) TS-80.jpg

J2-3-106 Toy disinfection cabinet (ultraviolet) TS-80

J2-3-107 4134-玩具消毒櫃(紫外線) TS-380.jpg

J2-3-107 4134-Toy disinfection cabinet (ultraviolet) TS-380

J2-3-108 4135-智能圖書檔案除塵機  FXC-101.jpg

J2-3-108 4135-Intelligent Book and Archive Dust Removal Machine FXC-101

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